EaglePicher Technologies Awards GS Yuasa Lithium Power Contract for the Supply of the LSE112, Generation 4 Li-ion cell for Space


Roswell, GA – GS Yuasa Lithium Power (GYLP) proudly announces a significant milestone today: EaglePicher Technologies has awarded GYLP an order for the supply of their advanced Generation 4 LSE112 lithium-ion cells (112Ah, 3.75Vnom). This landmark achievement not only signifies the continued strategic partnership between GYLP and EaglePicher but also represents the first instance in North America where GS Yuasa’s Generation 4 space-optimized chemistry is being specified for a flight program. This collaboration underscores GYLP’s commitment to delivering unparalleled innovation and reliability in aerospace cell technology.

The LSE112 lithium-ion cell utilizes GS Yuasa’s Generation 4 LCO/Graphite based chemistry applied to a power optimized electrode design.  The combination is specifically engineered to support high-power duty cycles with minimal loss of performance over the design life of a spacecraft.

Initially released in 1998, GS Yuasa has emerged as a global leader in the space battery industry with its “LSE” lithium-ion cells. With just four incremental chemistry revisions since inception, each generation undergoes stringent testing to enhance performance while upholding the pedigree of the “LSE” cell product line.  We prioritize long-term material availability and have demonstrated full configuration control for a decade or more. This steadfast commitment reflects GS Yuasa’s unwavering dedication to excellence in every cell we produce.

The physical construction of the Generation 4 cells remains unchanged relative to previous generations.  This continuity is critical and allows GS Yuasa to maintain all of the heritage accumulated with the “LSE” family of cells.  Like the Generation 3 cells, the Generation 4 cells will be available in either an energy optimized electrode (standard) or power optimized electrode.  The only difference between the two electrodes is coating thickness.

The Generation 4 cell line-up consists of the heritage case form factors as identified in the tables above.  Each of the case sizes have been built and qualified.  Additionally, a new smaller form factor case is applied to the LSE12x Generation 4 cell.

With volumes of life and performance data available and a solid connection between industry leading spaceflight heritage without failure and the Li-ion cells offered today, GS Yuasa’s value proposition is stronger now than ever.

To learn more about GS Yuasa’s “LSE” family of Li-ion cells for space, please contact GS Yuasa Lithium Power, Inc.

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