LSE12x – Small Form Factor 12Ah (45Wh) Lithium-ion Cell for Space

Inspired by GS Yuasa’s mature aviation and automotive cell designs, the LSE12x Li-ion cell is specially designed and qualified for space applications. Incorporating GS Yuasa’s industry leading Generation 4 Lithium Cobalt Dioxide chemistry for space with electrode optimizations focused on high power delivery, this cell will provide manufacturers of launch vehicles and small to medium power class spacecraft access like never before to GS Yuasa’s best in class Li-ion cells for space.


  • Suitable for all spacecraft types (LEO/MEO/GEO)
  • Spacecraft that require high discharge/charge power capability
  • Ultra high DOD LEO (40%+ DOD)
  • Unregulated or Battery on Bus EPS architecture requiring minimal voltage drop under load


  • GS Yuasa's Generation 4 LCO-Graphite Li-ion Chemistry
  • Extremely Low DCR
  • Excellent Discharge Characteristics
  • Excellent Cycle and Calendar Life
  • High Average Discharging Voltage -- ideal for unregulated bus designs