Product Spec Sheets

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Lithium-ion cells for Satellite Applications
- Optimized for Energy Density
LSE55, LSE110 & LSE190GS_Yuasa_LSE_GEN_III_Energy.pdf
Lithium-ion cells for Satellite Applications
- Optimized for Power Delivery
LSE51, LSE102 & LSE134GS_Yuasa_LSE_GEN_III_Power.pdf
Lithium-ion cells for Satellite Applications
(Power and Energy type consolidated file)
LSE Generation III Power and Energy Type CellsGS_Yuasa_LSE_GEN_III_ Power_&_Energy.pdf
LSE12x Li-ion Cell for Space Applications
- 12Ah/45Wh Nameplate Capacity
LSE12x CellLSE12x_Cell_Spec_Sheet.pdf
Modular Lithium-ion Battery For SpacecraftMA190 Space BatteryMA190_Modular_Space_Battery.pdf
Lithium-ion Cell for Launch Vehicle ApplicationsLFC40LFC40_Spec.pdf
Lithium-ion Battery for Industrial ApplicationsLIM25H BatteryLGS_Yuasa_LIM25_Battery_Spec_Sheet.pdf
Advanced Battery Solutions for Industrial ApplicationsLIM50ENLIM50EN_Data_Sheet.pdf


SDS Downloads

Lithium ion Cells are defined as exempt manufactured “articles” and are not subject to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR subpart 1910.1200. The manufactured article does not expose the user to hazardous chemicals when used in accordance with GS Yuasa’s specifications. This information is provided as reference material only.

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LIM50EN Battery MSDSLIM50EN_Battery_MSDS.pdf
Safety Data Sheet for Gen. 3 LSE Cells -LSE55/51, LSE110/102, LSE145/134, LSE190GS Yuasa LSE Gen 3 Li-ion Cell SDS.pdf
SDS for GS Yuasa Generation 4 Space Li-ion Cells - LSE60, LSE160, LSE205GS Yuasa LSE Gen 4 Li-ion Cell SDS.pdf