MA190 Modular Li-ion Battery for Space – Designed, Qualified, and Built by GS Yuasa Lithium Power

The space-qualified MA190 lithium ion module was designed to support LEO, MEO and GEO missions and provides the flexibility and scalability needed for optimal alignment with system requirements. Modules can be configured and deployed in battery systems with nominal voltages from 22 to more than 100 and support spacecraft power from 1kW to more than 30kW.

Batteries are assembled and tested in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Roswell, Georgia.


  • Suitable for all spacecraft mission types (LEO/MEO/GEO)


  • Individual cell temperature sensing
  • Redundant individual cell voltage sensing
  • Protected telemetry connections
  • Cell balancing connections
  • Redundant cell heater circuits
  • Optional cell bypass capability