The LFC40 lithium ion rechargeable cell is optimized for high rate applications which also require high energy density. The LFC40 has been engineered to withstand the severe shock and vibration during launch and provide reliable energy and power for the rocket’s main electrical, communication and navigation systems. By deploying lithium ion batteries, ground operations can be simplified and issues created by launch delays can be minimized.

First launched in 2006, the LFC40 has contributed to the successful launch of more than a dozen rockets through 2011.

The wound prismatic design allows for better thermal management and packaging efficiency compared to cylindrical cells.

The LFC40’s lithium ion cobalt oxide chemistry provides the optimal combination of reliability, energy storage and long useful life.

The cell design is based on our state of the art technology and extensive experience in manufacturing cells for space applications and large-scale industrial batteries.


  • Power source for launch vehicles and other rocket/missile applications
  • Other high reliability applications


  • High energy density
  • Excellent discharge characteristics
  • Sealed structure
  • Low self discharge
  • Excellent performance in high shock environments
  • Stainless steel case