NASA Battery Workshop 2023 — LSE12x Cell and Battery Status Update


Today GS Yuasa Lithium Power (GYLP) delivered a technical presentation at the 2023 NASA Aerospace Battery Workshop titled “GS Yuasa LSE12x Cell and Battery Update”

Abstract:  GS Yuasa will share an overview of the LSE12x “small” format cell.  This is a fully configuration controlled cell optimized to deliver power in demanding space environment applications.  Life and performance data demonstrating the performance of the LSE12x cell when subjected to high DOD LEO cycling regimes is shown.  Additionally, the LSE12x cell performance is compared to several COTS 18650 cells models (LG MJ1/M36, Molicell M35a, Samsung Q30) which are often used in small spacecraft.  Finally, GS Yuasa Lithium Power provides an update of the MA12x scalable battery platform development and production plan.


The presentation can be viewed by following this link: GS Yuasa LSE12x Cell and Battery Status Update

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