Our History


The history of GS Yuasa Corporation spans more than a century. GS Yuasa was formed in 2004 as the result of a merger between Japan Storage Battery (JSB) and Yuasa Corporation. Japan Storage Battery was founded in 1895, and manufactured the first lead-acid storage battery in Japan. In the early 1990’s, JSB began manufacturing Large Format Lithium Ion batteries and introduced large format prismatic lithium ion batteries in 1993. Yuasa Corporation was founded in 1913 and by 2004, had become one of the top power sport and automotive battery manufacturers in the world.

The merger of Yuasa Corp. and JSB created one of the largest battery manufacturing companies in the world with annual revenues in excess of $3.4B USD. The new enterprise, GS Yuasa Corporation, brought greater economies of scale and operating efficiencies enabling the new organization to better focus on innovative product design, satisfying global customers and increasing the resources available for Research and Development initiatives.

In 2006, GS Yuasa Lithium Power (GYLP) was established as a subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation to bring GS Yuasa’s exceptional lithium ion products to the North American market. GYLP is located in Roswell, Georgia and employs an engineering staff with more than 60 years of experience in the battery and aerospace industries. Our expertise in lithium ion cells, electronics, mechanical engineering, prototyping and testing enables us to collaboratively develop battery solutions with our customers that meet the most rigorous standards for performance, reliability and safety.