Establishment of “Lithium Energy Japan” ~ GS Yuasa, MC and MMC Establish Joint Venture Company to Produced Large Lithium-ion Batteries ~

GS Yuasa Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation began collaboration last May to set up a joint venture company to manufacture large capacity and high performance lithium-ion batteries.  On December 12th, 2007, “Lithium Energy Japan” was officially established.

In recent years there has been greater urgency throughout the world to deal with environmental and energy problems, such as the depletion of crude oil and other fossil fuels, and global warming brought on by increasing greenhouse gases.  Much focus is being placed on the use of alternative energies and raising energy efficiency.  In particular, there is a need for technologies that can convert alternative energies into power and electricity, so that these new sources of energy can ultimately replace fossil fuels, upon which we are largely dependent.  As a device essential to the practical application of such technologies, the proliferation of large lithium-ion batteries is expected to greatly increase from hereon. Read more...


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